Elites, ruling class, whatever ya wanna call em can KMA. I’ll tell em right to their faces. Won’t be the first time. They can keep pushing. Im not worried about it.

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You know you're in Texas when you get a phone alert announcing the passing of Dusty Hill.

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IMO, the term PTSD is being completely abused by people who had no f*ing clue of what real trauma is.

Though I know everyone has a different threshold for suffering it's getting to the point where it's way too low. Resilience is noth being taught, younger generations, including those who are supposed to defend us (police, military, etc.) are becoming unable to confront their own problems and overcome them.

For the likes of Kinzinger and Schiff is just a show 🤢

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"The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department."
Thomas Sowell

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How can one part of the Federal government say time to put masks back on ...in hot spots...😮

BUT...the southern border is a shitfest...

A REAL hot spot...

Are they handing out CDC approved masks before they get on a bus?? 🙄

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"The Conservative Case for Cyberbullying America’s Generals"

I know this was posted some time today...but I could not find who it was...


Devastating to say the LEAST...

From the article...

"...My interaction with the General serves as a microcosm of the American military’s cultural rot..."


Kinzinger* misspelling these rinos names should be on purpose, but i did misspell bc i was laughing so hard 😂

Our country can’t survive 3 years of this democrat shitshow says so many. Their gnat sized memory has already forgotten 8 YEARS of Obomber and slowww Joe. Fuck outta here with this defeatist nonsense 😂

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Jan 6th hearings are being held to just piss us off.

Ain't gonna watch.

AOC is a judas goat now. FFS, i just can’t anymore with these people who refuse to live in reality😂

Jesse Jackson the OG race baiter arrested over filibuster protesting 😂😂😂 when ya love to see it

Saul explained in the most simplest of terms the reality of the vote tabulating machines. How they help speed the counting of votes on election day. And how our election integrity boils down to paper ballots only and hand counting as the ironclad method of confirmation. Hopefully this is result of these audits, bc I don’t see anything getting decertified from them. I wanted to point this out bc ive yet to see anyone else point this out anywhere.

Id watch the jan6 hearing but im not in the mood for my own vomit for breakfast.

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