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Just returned from my weekly grocery shopping.

ZERO lines, very few customers in the store & totally stocked meat, produce, paper products and canned goods departments.

It looked like a normal Monday morning!

Ace of Spades: Our usual beacon of hope and reason, Rush Limbaugh, being off the air for the ;last 2 weeks has added to the sense of isolation.

Megadittos to that.

Rush's website says he will be back on the air today. 😍

A Health Care Workers Union Found A Supplier With 39 Million Masks For Doctors And Nurses Fighting The Coronavirus

For Dictator DeBlasio
Never Again is for real.

Israel Air Force Ceremony - F-15 Jets over Auschwitz

Penis foreskin facial....I can't seem to copy the link.

We just found the Smithsonian Channel
excellent programming (tonight anyway)
very enjoyable.

And nobody really wants to think about when hair sniffing turns into, well, you know the thing... 😳

@Doc_0: "The only thing keeping Biden viable among even hard-core Democrats is that nobody is watching his pathetic 'shadow administration' videos."

Just watched Mel Gibson with Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory
Excellent movie.

Judicial Watch announced today it received 180 pages of records of communications between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page that include Strzok’s “Weiner timeline,” which shows a time gap of almost a month between the discovery of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails on the laptop of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner and the obtaining of a search warrant.

THIS is how our founders set up our great country.
States and local government are FIRST responsible for each state and the occupants. THEN FEDERAL
so there is no cry of DICTATOR!
Be aware
They represent YOU.

"You might have one grandstander" in the House on the relief bill vote, says POTUS.

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