Who knew C-SPAN would have the best comedy on air today!! When can we catch re-runs??

@Debradelai @Jackie
What? If you are going to strike at least strike over relevant issues.

These "strikes" are more about activism rather than genuine working condition concerns.

Activism by cry babies.

@Debradelai @Jackie Eactly what you said Saul. The 'Combatting Climate Change' demand is straight out of the Leftist Union driven playbook. The Unions are pulling the same Leftist rhetoric Down here in Australia as well.

Great thread Rex.
The CNN article is laughable and unbelievable at the same time. The architects of Spygate are in a death spiral and are desperately trying to delay the inevitable. Justice is coming. They messed with the wrong guy. President Trump always goes to the mat for his family and that includes us.

I am so tired of seeing the "SQUAD" on the cover of @FoxNews
The ugly four haters of Trump
Stop with the brown-ness already. They are only one face of a full-out snark squad of democrats who want socialism.

So please, please, PLEASE... if you're going to react on something based on fear and anxiety... just don't.

You'll feel better, and if enough people do so, then you would be SHOCKED at how well the world might actually function.



Judas goats.

They're telling the Democrats to go all in for illegals.

Political suicide.


@ThomasWic @EngOnDemand

The last great Bond movie was Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace had the dumbest ending scene ever with the endlessly burning building. And Spectre was just confusing garbage.

Skyfall was good though. I'd watch that one again. They only 'hit' on two out of the last five Bond films, so this should finish off the series for good.

@Cdubois @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @REX @JM @NevadaJack @Lonestar

Thanks to Thomas Wictor, who posted this web link!! I bookmarked this link to contact Our Donald & the Trump Team. I have it handy for any comments I care to make or issues that need attention, IMO. I'm sure someone in the Trump Admin must monitor this link. It would be awesome if everyone on QV used it often on issues that we think the Trump team need to be aware of.


I'm not Jewish, but the world could do worse than emulate the family, social values and expectations of national service of Israel.


This is so disappointing. I love the James Bond franchise and I have watched every film. The Bond character makes the whole movie. The left ruins everything.

Guys. I just want to say I'm thankful for every evening. When I'm settling down for the night, it's good to know there's a sanctuary and some sanity left in the world. God bless and good night.

9th Circuit Court sides with the Trump administration in title X funds for abortion. It rejects pleas from 20 states and District of Columbia.


It's a blow against Planned Parenthood.

I'm noticing on this abortion issue, you could be for legal abortion but be opposed to government involvement, but that position is thinning out because people who are for legal abortion will be forced to take the position for federal government involvement.


At least 14 new women in Florida and New York come forward to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of abuse - including at least five who were minors - while New Mexico opens probe into sex crimes against 'multiple victims' at his ranch

It is thought at least five of those were underage at the time of the allegations
'They are not individuals whose claims have previously been part of any law enforcement investigation', Palm Beach attorney Jack Scarola said

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