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@Chastened We don't have to wait for the left. The states are their own territories. South Carolina has, and has had for years, a Republican Governor, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate, with a staunch Republican populous.

South Carolina has been poorly governed. Our Governor is great at rhetoric and managing SC's finance. Nothing more

The most exciting thing for me come 2022 will not be the midterms, but Governor Gianforte's State of the State speech.

The most exciting election in 2022 for me will be the Wisconsin gubernatorial election.

Will Scott Walker run again? He is the Donald Trump of Governors in terms of sheer efficiency and impact.


I had three hours of deep, deep depression today. Not about dying. I can fully accept that and move forward.

It was about feeling helpless to help. Especially my wife and children.

My genealogy is REPLETE with children losing a loving parent early in life. I DESPERATELY wanted to see that cycle broken.

It was almost more than I could bear today, took me a long while to stand small enough to shake it.

Going against her would be like starting a land war in Asia.

The AZ Senate has the sole authority to do this audit, and no branch of government, at any level, can stop it.

I may be misinterpreting what happened with the 2020 election, but we saw the US SC kick all the election cases back to the States to handle because it's their responsibility.

The DOJ's letter is meaningless.

Vaccine update:

I think I'm back to 100% today.

And Biden is still a demented piece of shit whose wife looks like a hooker.

So, I guess I didn't get the chip?


My dad uprooted us from an idyllic life in a small Ohio town when we were little.

To chase a dream. In California, which became all our nightmares.

He later agreed that he should have stayed put; that we had everything we needed and then some. He was a big fish in a wonderful little pond.

My first omen came when I got to California and realized that I was at least two years ahead of my classmates. In all subjects.

In Ohio I was just an average, happy student.

@KCSooner4Trump @dwgirl13 @GeorgiaMAGA @timr

Very much respect your sentiments and opinion.

Here, I am watching Vernon with a studious side eye. He is a lifelong, diehard D. Spent some time as CEO of Decatur (east Atlanta) running it to the ground and collecting corruption fiascos. Was not shy at all to play the race card. Only turned adamantly Pro Trump late last summer, after 3+ years of POTUS being in place. Mm. Just IMO.

His name is mentioned a lot, as I bite my curled index finger.


No, I want my children to be native, both speaking and FULLY culturally rooted, in both countries.

My nephew's mistake: children out of Vietnam when young, now can't speak Vietnamese.

My brother's mistake: Ego. Thought it was cool to speak Vietnamese to his kids. They didn't need him for that and can barely speak English now.

I told my son, "You're American because of me. But not "half" Vietnamese, half American. Inside, you are 100% both. TWICE the man. Not half."

Hate to say this, but I have a half Asian son, and when I do come back to the states, it won't ANYWHERE NEAR a place where he faces a risk of suffering this kind of leftist-fomented bullshit.

He's armed with charm but even then he'll be well suited for self-defense. And fighting nasty dirty if it comes down to it.

After fear mongering over fear mongering, top german virologists declares the virus gets LESS dangerous!!

He says, what has been stated one year ago: the virus mutates and adapts and gets less dangerous.

This 1921 newspaper article gave me a giggle. Specifically in paragraph 5.

"Other literature seized revealed, the police said, that communists had been instructed to obtain positions on the police forces of various cities and that a course of training, so that they might qualify, was being offered."

Link to the digitized newspaper:

German high court ruled in favor of fridays for future et. al..

Have to think about this. Does look pretty bad on first view.

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