If anyone has kids/Gkids and would like to choose private school but can’t afford it, There’s a group that will help pay, or pay for all expenses according to your pay scale. The website is “Step up for students” Just wanted to pass the word Incase someone may want to use it. IMO it’ll take at least a decade to return our public schools back to sanity


I love this approach.
On the website is says it is for Florida students. Is it also available in other states? I'm continuing to check.
Thanks for the heads up.

@Cdubois aw, I’m sorry! I didn’t know just for florida. I’m sure if you call them and tell them what state you are in they can point you in the right direction. Again, my apologies didn’t realize just for Florida


That's an excellent idea, and please don't be sorry.

I'm thrilled to know of this program and will spread the word!!

@AHendricks Wow! Thanks for the info! My grandchild needs to get out of public school!

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