To me, this guy Schrage (who worked on BOTH Romney and McCain campaigns) was involved in the Gen Flynn and Carter Page set up.

Schrage has flipped and is now doing as ordered by the DOJ, which is to expose incriminating evidence as a private citizen.

My bet is that the bad guys are TERRIFIED by this new development. Let's see what happens.

This is almost certainly total garbage.

If Brennan has agreed to an interview, Durham will of course wait until the interview is conducted before making his decision.

My prediction is that Brennan may well face the death penalty, when this is all finished. Let's see what happens.

8. Anyway I thought it was important that some light was shed on this, after the bombshell news that the FBI had raided Igor Kolomoisky, the Burisma connection in Ukraine.

Happy hunting folks! The crooks are on the run.

The Democratic Party is finished. Count on it.

The end.

7. Anyway, back to Ylli.

You guys can do your own research. Maybe start with his Wikipedia page. It seems he spent A LOT of time in MEXICO.


A crooked Albanian in narco-state Mexico, represented by the corrupt Podestas, doesn't sound dodgy at all,
does it?

Good Lord.

5. Turns out that the Albanians were involved in shady lobbying with Podesta all throughout the Obama/Clinton years.

4. 'The Democratic Party of Albania hired Podesta Group in Washington to lobby the US government and congress on its behalf.'

You can translate the rest.

3. Para 1:

'Podesta Group announced that it has signed a new contract with the Democratic Party of Albania to lobby on its behalf in Washington. The price and duration of the contract has not yet been agreed.'


1. Well looky here.

ANOTHER oligarch going down.

This time it's Albanian Ylli Ndroqi, aka Xhemal Pasmaciu.

Could someone please pass this on to DawsonSField on twitter? Thanks.

Why is this creep Ndroqi relevant? Look what I found.

4. 'Hey cop! Look at me! I'm speshul! Pigs in a blanket! Burn DA system down! Capitalism is -'


'Hey Jim. Cuff this SOB.'

Obama's children were encouraged to deny reality. There's only one problem with denying reality, though.

Reality ALWAYS wins.

A trained federal officer's fist is evidence of that.

The end.

3. It also causes their delusions of grandeur to become even worse.

'CoNfronTashun wOrkZ' - 3 weeks ago.

Maybe it did in 2014, when Obama was letting these groups act with impunity.

Doesn't work now, though.

2. Since they were born, these people have been told by their parents, teachers and politicians that they are the most intelligent, virtuous and progressive humans in human history.


A lie that is crashing around them. In psychology, this is called the 'narcissitic blow'.

This causes 'narcissistic rage' to boil to the surface.

1. Unlike many, I don't see these moronic riots as the birth of a new movement.

To me it's more the death of an existing one.

Obama's children are having an almighty tantrum, because they know the battle is lost.

They are lashing out, like the immature narcissists they are.

Hi all, I decided to come back home.

Hope that you're well.

Like many I've grown impatient about indictments etc, but what can you do? It is what it is.

It's obvious that Trump, Barr & Co have a very detailed, calibrated take down plan and they're not changing it for anyone. Why would they?

Meanwhile I've been enjoying @ThomasWic Wictors superb threads on twitter. He's on fire!

All the best


Like I said. An idiot.

Germany is supposed to spend 2% of GDP on defense as part of their "indirect contribution" to NATO.

They spend 1.38%, leaving the balance to the US.

If Germany does not want to defend itself, we shouldn't either.

@ADudeFromNowhere @Debradelai

NATO has been unnecessary for decades. My left wing historian friend always used to refer to the "Myth of NATO" and he was 100% correct.


The guy's a moron on steroids.

Germany has failed for eons to contribute it's 2% of GDP to defense and are billions in arrear's to NATO.

That is a FACT.

They are also playing both sides against the middle with Russia.

I've been advocating our military removal from Germany for eons.

Funny the Dimms want to "keep our soldiers in foreign lands" I'm Germany, but not where they are,actually needed.

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