Remember that Graham has likely been instructed by Trump, to do nothing.

Any subpoenas or move against Obama/Clinton goons gives Dems & GOPe crooks on his Committee, immediate access to everything Graham has.

There's some real bad eggs in the Senate, remember. As we have seen since early 2017, there's been a strategy to prevent them from having access to info that they can leak to FakeNews or crooked proxies in the IC.

Graham is fine. He's in a tight situation. Understand the bigger picture.

Have been away! In UK and Italy. Am back now. Goodness me, all the drama over nothing.

Forget Schiff and the Congressional drama.They got nuthin'.

Forget Lindsay Graham. There's a good reason for him not to push too hard. If he subpoenas etc, all the Dems get access to the Intel, too.

End of day, the trajectory is clear. Durham and Barr now have Mifsud's phones.

And Obama/Clinton goons like Josh Campbell are getting doxxed running fake twitter accounts, too.

Or go to jail.

It's no skin off MY nose.

I'm just telling you that the only lives you're wrecking are your own.

And that's not smart.


Bow out and leave it to Trump.

You expected things to change overnight. That was an unrealistic expectation.

You're also totally unaware of what's happening behind the scenes.

By fighting with these people, you make things HARDER for Trump.

Unless your goal is to be a martyr.

We don't need martyrs. Things are going much better than anyone expected. Have some goddam patience.

Fighting these people is counterproductive unless you have a license to do it.

And believe me, such licenses exist.

But if you don't have one, you're going to be charged by leftist prosecutors, found guilty by leftist juries, and sentenced by leftist judges.

The judge in this case overlook the reality that Antifa are the Nazi Brownshirts physically attacking everyone they can.

But the judge has the power.

You don't.

"I fought the law, and the law won."

Four years in prison for fighting with skinny weirdos WHO ARE HELPING TRUMP.

It's also a waste of energy to complain about the unfairness, the double standard, etc.

We know all that.

Accept it and move on.

@ThomasWic @Catch22
In HONOR of Canada choosing mediocrity YET AGAIN at the Dawn of the Age of Improvement
I present John Ward's Diabolically Funny Video KLANADA


Canada won't reject leftism until after Trump is out of office.

It's that simple.

Voting against Trudeau is Trumpian, so they'll keep him no matter how much damage he does.

@WarriorPoet @IrredeemableOne

She's not dangerous.

If she's the nominee, she goes up against Trump.

Come on.

Trump is taking the flak that Turks and Kurds deserve, but he doesn't mind.

The end result is all that matters.

Syria won't be another Iraq.

Things are moving fast now, in all in the right direction.


Clearly the Syrian Arab Army is being transported into the Kurdish-held areas.

What Trump did is pretty miraculous.

Everyone gets to save face. The Kurds will work out their issues with Assad's rump government, and then Assad will leave.

The issue of "American credibility" doesn't exist, except in the minds of Trump haters.

This plan was worked out with the Turks and Kurds. They'd gotten themselves into a huge mess.

The PKK and the Syrian Arab Army have a history of human rights violations.


Neither organization today is what it was in the past.

The greater point is that Trump got the Syrians and the Kurds to unite.

The SYRIAN flag is now being shown. Turkey lost its chance to create a second Ottoman Empire.

And Trump managed it in exactly two days.

Just a few weeks ago, Assad said that the Kurdish YPG are terrorists.

Well, here's a shot of the Syrian Arab Army waving a flag of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.


On showing the flag.

American troops were in Syria to show the flag.

Now the Syrians are showing the flag, with the same result.


The National Guard clearly had the upper hand, but the president ordered them to stand down.

That's his revenge against Trump.

There was an arrest warrant for El Chapo's son granted by a DC Federal Judge which was the reason for the attempt to capture him by Mexican authorities.

@torndollarbill @IrredeemableOne

Tulsi is the stupidest when it comes to foreign policy, and her domestic platform is radical left.

I see no disadvantages.


I wonder if Trump wants to run against Tulsi?

That would be amazing.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

That kid deserves a medal for not cramming that bullhorn up that ahole's ahole.

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