I actually can't believe this Bernie Sister POS has the gonads to speak for "MAGA people", whatever it means to her.

Never mind that any idiot would take her at her word.

Now, THAT'S shocking.

I am so tired of Gab Morons like Neon Revolt thinking they know oh so much better than our President. Nevermind that this utter hack is leaving out the fact only 25% of what Dems wanted made it into the bill.

Nope, can't sell Pessimism Porn that way!

9. And America wins.

Plus, the western democracies WIN, imperfect as they are.

President Donald J Trump is an historic figure. The most significant American POTUS ever?

As things stand, YES.

Xi hasn't got a chance. But shhhhhh. Don't let him know!

The end.

8. By 2024 if not earlier, as the money runs out and the Chinese population rise up, what will Trump be saying?

'Gee, Xi is such a talented guy. It's sad what's happening. But you know, we really can't interfere. We offer help and they don't take it. Also in China, saving face is important. Wouldn't want to get in the way.'

'I really hope that Xi is OK.'

And the Chinese phone calls to the White House will just keep ringing and ringing.

China goes down. Not a bullet fired.

With no answer.

7. El Presidente Xi, surrounded by lapdogs and apparatchiks, no doubt thinks this is a wonderful victory.

'Oh Great Master! Dow Jones in freefall! NBC praise your greatness! Roger Maddow #1 fan!'

They have no idea who they're dealing with.

Trump WILL freeze China out of world markets. Their access to the US market is already DOOMED.

After this stint? They are FU&K$D.

At the same time? Trump will say: 'Xi is a great guy. I respect him.'


6. Trump understands that the great generals defeat their enemies with their enemy's population and cities intact.

Destruction is NOT the objective.

Xi and his goons walking away defeated IS. Preferably, hung by their own people.

With NO American losses.

5. Ryan seems to be one of these guys who pictures himself as a famous US General, as he taps away at his keyboard.

'Let's destroy China! Hee hee! Too easy!'

Trump would just shake his head and weep.

4. How arrogant we were to assume that goat herders and farmers across Afghanistan and the Mid-East, would just lay down their weapons and surrender?

As @ThomasWic has been pointing out for years, these are somw of the hardest, toughest warriors out there.

They NEVER give in.

Evil? Maybe. But death and fighting just makes them stronger.

3. And it's bastard offspring, the 'doctrine of rapid dominance'. More BS 1990s marketing pap:

'impose this overwhelming level of Shock and Awe against an adversary on an immediate or sufficiently timely basis to paralyze its will to carry on ... [to] seize control of the environment and paralyze or so overload an adversary's perceptions and understanding of events that the enemy would be incapable of resistance at the tactical and strategic levels.'



2. As Trump has pointed out on multiple occasions, the regime has outsmarted America (and the west) for DECADES.

They're a powerful nuclear armed state.

America would likely win a military war with China - but would destroy itself in the process.

Hence Saveedra's stupidity. This is the type of thinking behind 'Shock and Awe', the arrogant doctrine (post 9/11) that US military power alone would induce submission and respect.



1. An idiotic contribution by a young man who has gotten ahead of himself.

And who clearly misunderstands how power works.


Neon Revolt exposes himself as Fake MAGA. Not that it wasn't obvious before with his shilling for Richard Spencer wannabe Nick Fuentes.

It's very telling that he's now starting to use the same talking points as certain people did weeks ago.



Trump was prepared LONG ago.

He knew all of this was going to happen, so he figured out how to turn inevitable attacks on him into political suicide by his enemies.


When this is over, Trump will be entirely vindicated, and the American people will be furious at what they just had to endure.

They'll take it out on the press, and that will bleed over to the Democrats in the form of massive votes cast AGAINST the party.

Instead of trying to fight off attacks, Trump simply does his job WELL, and that's all he needs.

This was the most effective and brilliant political setup in human history.

Trump ALWAYS wins. ALWAYS.


But he also didn't get in the way when state governors began shutting down everything.

Trump is a master psychologist. He doesn't have to taut his accomplishments because they're plainly visible to all sane people.

Democrats and journalists--sorry for the redundancy--are as demented as Joe Biden, so they can't see how their own actions are going over.

What we're seeing is an entire political party and the press fall into a fatal trap.

And three, the American VOTER will blame the Democrats for overstating the threat, sabotaging efforts to fight the threat that existed, and trying to use a pandemic to damage Trump.

COVID-19 is the death of liberalism and globalism.

Trump's landslide victory is now absolutely assured.


He's running against a man with rapidly advancing senile dementia.

Remember: Trump didn't HARM anyone. He quietly made sure that the pandemic could be contained.

People are getting the treatment they need through "compassionate use."

Trump is preparing for the NEXT pandemic by making much larger federal stockpiles of everything, AND he's putting closed factories back to work in the process.

Leftist companies are pitching in.

When this is over, there will be three results.

One, very few Americans will have died or gotten seriously ill.

Two, the American people will blame the press for overstating the threat in order to damage Trump.

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