The strategy seems to be to sink Biden just before the election - this will succeed.

There's just no way China Joe can escape what's coming.

AFTER the election, the hammer will fall. In particular, on China Joe and unless Hunter is in the witness immunity program, him too.

The Bidens are compromised and are a natsec threat. They're done.

That nixes the Democrat plan to contest the results.

Anyway that's how I'm seeing this play out. Let's see what happens.

The end.

Apparently DOJ and FBI are about to confirm ODNI Ratcliffe's announcement that the Biden material is the real deal and that the Hunter Biden laptop is in FBI possession.

For the record, I put the chances of Wray 'sitting' on the evidence as approximately 0%.

This has more likely been a very closely held investigation since at least early 2019. We already know a Grand Jury has been involved.

Congress is implicated, the Bidens, maybe even Obama.


Not just that, I think Posobiec has bitten off more than he can chew.

He is releasing documents on twitter now but they don't appear to be smoking guns, just circumstantial evidence that can be explained away or is too complicated for normies to understand.


This is a clumsy roll out. OANN need to get experts in there pronto, who have the forensic skills to go through the material fast and who know exactly what they are looking for.

Posobiec can be the autocue guy.

What a grifter Jack Posobiec is.

The guy says he has had 26,000 Hunter Biden emails for the last 72 hours but still can't release any because 'muh working on it'.

What a load of horse manure.

Here is what is happening - Posobiec is deliberately hyping the story for clicks & $. Given the importance of the scandal, it's a very cynical approach.

It also plays right into the Dems hands, who are desperately trying to cheapen the material as tabloid gossip. Posobiec is HELPING them.



An impeachment POTUS knew was a dud.

Trump signals to Wray via Barr : do nothing.

Sorry but I'm not buying the story that Wray, Haspel and Barr are frustrating POTUS.

In my opinion the situation is extremely serious. Biden, Obama and Clinton have put US national security at risk.

The normal rules don't apply.


Maybe they're right, but I doubt it.

There may be very good reasons why Wray hasn't briefed Congress about Hunter Biden's laptop.

That includes the Gang of 8.

Anyone considered that there's an ongoing FBI investigation and that Congress members are caught up in it?

Therefore, Congress aka Swamp Central doesn't get briefed.

That's my assumption.

Makes far more sense than the fearporn being spread around.

And it's EXACTLY the right approach, too.

Trust in the Government going down is a GOOD THING. The Founding Fathers never wanted us to trust the Government blindly.

I am not an advocate for illegal immigration, but egads I think this might be the biggest self-own goal on all of Gab.

@spinmaven @ADudeFromNowhere

I like Jim Jordan. I think he's on the up-and-up. Someone will have to bring forth the cold hard facts for me to buy that one.

This dumb pearl clutching is how you got President Trump, Mark Greaney.

Maybe he was making fun of her for hitching her wagon to a Chinese traitor???

All the arguments I hear against POTUS and his men tackling Section 230 sound awfully similar to the ones made against removing Net Neutrality.

Not only did it NOT break the Internet as they claimed, it actually kept Silicon Valley from gaining more control of the Internet.

If this idiot grifter is against Section 230 being reformed, you know its the right call.

Trump has masterfully waited to calibrate the revelations at the precise moment when they will have the most impact.

The FLOOD of incriminating evidence will continue all the way past Nov 3 and into 2021, getting worse and worse each time.

It is CLASSIC Sun Tzu:

'The surge of rolling flood-water washes away boulders: this is called momentum. The swoop of a falcon strikes and kills its prey: this is called timing'.

We are witnessing Trump's REVENGE.


The end.

As more damning evidence emerges about Biden's corruption, the Democrat strategy since 2016 becomes more obvious.

Everything they have done has been to build a narrative to counter these revelations. They want to be able to say 'Drumpf was doing these things (eg Ukraine)and is trying to pin it on us.'

The trouble is that they never had the evidence. Trump does.

All the linturds have is propaganda and FakeNews. That's not going to be enough & they know it, which explains their desperation.

Is it wrong that I don't buy any of this crap I'm hearing about Jim Jordan being in bed with Google and blocking Big Tech regulations?

Considering the sources tend to be wishy washy self proclaimed "Trump supporters" who always whine when POTUS doesn't do what they want when they want I cannot help but be dubious about it. What say all of you???

6. So ignore the libtard noise and fury right now. Laugh at it.

What we are seeing is the collapse of an entire ideology. Good riddance.

Tragically, there will be victims. But like most infants, the majority of leftists will grow up and become better people.

Do you know what's even more amazing?

Many will end up thanking Trump for helping them.

The end.

5. Third, Trump is a TRUTH TELLER. Leftists are innately frightened of FACTS, as these things splinter their delusions.

Fourth, Trump is a SUCCESS. In business and in life. In leftist la-la land, guys like Trump are never meant to succeed.

Fifth - and this perhaps worries them the most - Trump GETS EVEN. Fir leftist progs, it's bad enough to be exposed as liars, charlatans and corrupt crooks.

It's terrifying to think that you also face a RECKONING.

4. They have never seen anyone like Trump and have never had a clue how to manage him.

Here are just 5 reasons why Trump terrifies leftists:

First, he FIGHTS BACK. They HATE that. Leftists are used to running the show.

Most have been indulged in their fantasy of superiority from the cradle, all the way through their ivy league basketweaving degree.

Second, Trump gets PERSONAL. Leftists are by nature cowards. They fear EXPOSURE.

3. Without Obama and his apparatchiks, their hall of mirrors - in which they admire themselves and each other - is threatened with destruction.

That's why they hate Trump & explains their unhinged fear and desperation right now.

They know that ENDGAME - the moment when reality arrives and they are forced to grow up - is NIGH.

They despise Trump, as he is the person making it happen.

They FEAR him.

2. In their puny brains, modern leftists truly believe that they are the most progressive, important and superior human beings in history.

Because of their awesome superiority over you, they are ENTITLED to lie with impunity, if needed.

And because of your inferiority.and stupidity, they think you will believe every word they say.

Trump has masterfully used this weakness against them.

The fantasy of Obama's children only works if the system is set up to accommodate their delusions.

1. A reminder.

The #1 priority for leftist progressives is FEELING SUPERIOR. As long as they have their narcissistic supply of intellectual and moral superiority, nothing else matters.


They are cognitively rigid and incapable of admitting weakness.

Notice how Jack-off at twatter & FakeNews are reacting to the ongoing Biden scandal.

Smart operators would know they're screwed and try and make a deal.

Not modern leftists.

They make it WORSE.

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