11. Trump's attack IS coming. What we are seeing now, in my opinion, is part of the build-up.

Trump is a master of strategic planning, as well as deception. And something else.


So feel free to join the panic merchants, if you want.

I won't be joining you.

In fact, I'm tuning out the noise and fury.

Instead, I will be enjoying the show and admiring a strategic genius in action.

Care to join me?


The end.

10. The best part?

McCabe has no idea when, where or how Trump's attack will come.

And neither does Cardillo, or any of us.

That's how Trump rolls.

There's one thing we all know, though.

9. McCabe was a major Clinton apparatchik, who conspired to cover up her illegal activity. He was a major participant in SpyGate, a coup to undermine a US presidential election and destroy an elected POTUS..

And God knows what else he has donek.

Use logic - McCabe is TOAST.

'Lying to the FBI' charges are peanuts, compared to what's coming down the line for him and his friends.

8. You can also buy into the idea that Trump is an idiot, who somehow got lucky when he won the Presidency and then miraculously transformed the country in less than 4 years.

Go ahead. But here's what I know.

Trump plays to win. And by 'win', I mean TOTAL victory.

That means epic DEFEAT is coming for the SpyGate plotters. Especially one Andrew McCabe.

7. Trust your instincts and use logic.

Remove emotion from your calculations.

The evidence is clear - McCabe lied under oath. DOJ decided not to prosecute him.

The only question is 'why'?

You can believe the doom-mongers, all pushing the narrative of a besieged and enraged Trump, at odds with 'deep state' Barr, as all the crooks walk free.

Go ahead.

6. Quite a few of us have warned about the agendas of the doom-mongers and whiners in the pro-Trump world.

Some, such as the Hannity Posse, are protecting the GOP establishment.

Others are just fools who think that what they see is the whole picture.

Do not listen to them. They are wrong.

5. The truth is, no one knows where Trump's attack will come from.

But it will come. That's 100% certain.

Trump knows full well that he and his family remain in danger, if the criminals that tried (are trying) to destroy the Republic, maintain the capability to do so.

Not just that, he will lose votes in November.

Ergo, he will attack, it will begin before the election and assuming he wins, it will intensify afterwards.

The logic is inescapable.

4. Who said this?

'I think that diversionary actions will take place in a number of places - against Norway, Denmark, the southern part of western France, and the French Mediterranean coast...''

Hitler, to the Japanese. The comments were picked up by US intercepts of Japanese signals intelligence.

The Germans had no idea where the Allied attack was coming from, or going to.

Normandy wasn't even on the radar.

3. Anyone here heard of Operation Fortitude?

In 1943/44, the Allies created the most elaborate strategic deception project in history.

Using baits, lures, false signals, ghost regiments and fake equipment, they managed to bamboozle the German High Command about where the Allied Invasion would come from.


2. Cardillo is falling into a trap we have seen the libtards fall into many times since 2015.

He is deceived by appearances and thinks that what he is seeing is the truth.

Which is a surprise, as Cardillo knows full well that Trump is a master of strategic deception.

Not just that, he also knows that the lying to the FBI charges don't relate to SpyGate or to McCabe's other dodgy activity, for example in the MidYear Exam Clinton cover-up.

1. It's really annoying when our crowd starts whining like the libturds do.

I quite like Cardillo, but this tweet is utter nonsense.

Of course there's a legitimate way to explain the difference between DOJ's treatment of Gen Flynn and slimeball McCabe. Here it is:


The truth is that all we can do is make an educated guess about the decision not to go after McCabe for lying to the FBI.

For all those hand wringing morons today falsely stating that McCabe was "exonerated" of anything...

THIS is the real news today:

"Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn..."

Some idiots will never learn.


Trump spent at least twenty years putting his Judas goats in place.

Seems to me that PDJT has a massive herd of Judas Goats. They lead have lead numerous Democrats and NeverTrumpers to be exposed to the glaring sunlight. Who convinced Tameka Hart that it was good idea to go on the jury and even more brazenly to post on social media defending the prosecutors and sharing the post with CNN of all people. Breathtaking.

Remember, the Roger Stone sentencing fiasco is bait.

Trump is luring the idiotic Dems to focus on it, so that the corruption of the DOJ snakes behind it and Obama judge who heard it, can be exposed.

As always, FakeNews is falling for it hook, line and sinker.


Donald Trump Jr already spoke about this, so I'm not giving away anything.

Due to the bottomless hatred, Trump is armored at all times, even in the Oval Office.

The only people he can trust are his family, Pence and his family, and his personal bodyguards.

Look at the armored vest. You can clearly see it on his shoulders and chest.

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