North Ga. I went to the county election board today to see if the software used for the midterms was connected to Konnech where the CEO was arrested a few days ago. They assured me they don't use it..BUTTTTTT they still use dimminon machines,

dealt with comcast today....customer service...WELL I will not need a cardio stress test and I passed...Unreal system to provide you with ZERO service..Only upsell attempts..

Hey guys....I think we are gonna have some crazy shit happen really soon and want all of us to stay safe..

Looking like lots of social media is being attacked by bot accts to clog up the flow of information to the Patriots...finding out what is true (good luck) has never been this hard. You can feel the shell cracking as the light enters in and the roaches run...I love my country .

Are things weird enough for you ??? I try to process what's going in and don't know what is next.

willie had his two sons playing with him and it was great. He is handing over the reins to them...

lately technology has been the most frustrating unrelenting attack on my fading sanity...the only thing that has not attacked me is my garage opener....In the last 30 days all my STUFF has gone south....with my brain. As a comedian I can say this is NOT FUNNY........peace

back to the grind..... peace....have a great day!

What a nite! about 17 comedians in my class graduated with an awesome evening of laughing and joking. The crowd was so energizing. A 5 min set is a lot more work than I ever expected and It worked ! now on to some open mics..

Final study for my standup graduation show at 8...1st show at the premier comedy club in Atlanta is exciting...I don't need to brake a leg as I already have a bad knee....try the veal...tip your servers....I'll be here all week..

on phone with amazon customer service. one of the most frustrating moments of my day.

Well graduation show is Monday nite At the Punchline in atlanta..sharing the stage with my classmates about 15 grads..

I was born with comedy in my veins
Yesterday I donated blood.
Today I don't feel as funny as before.

Just finished shower floor replacement. 2 weeks..countless trips up steps..customer happy...all good

Shower repair progressing after customer added a bench build. We got the floor in and first row of tile up. Curb in. All custom cuts...long day..

I am on week 3 of my 6 week comedy class. The complex world of comedy is being revealed to me slowly. We are writing our own material and have to put a 5 min show together for the end of the month at the punchline in Atlanta. I did an open mice stand up last night and had a really good show test driving my new skills and learning how to relax up there.....not so easy. comedy is in my blood.......see you out there

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