Hey guys anyone here from York UK? We will be there next week..

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I was castigated by some for my views about Covid and the pokes. As time passes, turns out that so far I'm correct and they are not. No victory lap, just a silent I Told You So.

Hey guys ..Been down for the count after having a bladder stone removed this week..gettin old ain't for sissies..be well all

wish me luck. Open mic comedy tonight contest to get a spot in a showcase event....

Looks like joe had two 67's in the garage
One 67 corvette and 67 pages of classified docs.
He is toast

I checked my garage today and no classified documents were found..

Just a matter of time and biden is gone as he should be...80 million votes my ass..

More documents followed by more and more..the biden plane is on fire and nowhere to land

9TH time should do it...what a gaggle of dipshits

another vote?????? clown show at it's best...bunch of 3 year olds

What a year..next year I want to be healthy and fit...I also want the world to be healthy.. peace all!!!!

happy holidays peeps. stay warm and be well . laugh a lot and tell those you love that they matter. peace

after my las bout with a stone the Dr put me on Ciprofloxacin....I fell horrible..anyone have terrible side effects from this???? metallic taste headache nausea overall loss of energy..no interest in food.

Back to the ER last night for another kidney stone. Worst one yet..they took great care of me...today feel like I got the shit beat out of me.. I want to be strong again..

As long as we have Diminion Machines cheating our votes in Georgia I will not be using them..Kemp won by 7 points ad the same voters changed their votes to Warnock? NOPE.. total shitshow

voted in the ga runoff today and I am convinced my vote does not count as we use the Diminion machines used to steal the last few elections.....BAH

Still recovering from surgery..trying to be patient but it is not an easy task for a full on non stop person. I have a comedy gig tomorrow night and feel up to it.

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