Hey quads! Do you like bacon and eggs? This is my feeble attempt and first try at an experiment. Take some bacon and bake it or nuke it in the shape of a circle. When done to your crispness level-like mine crisp. Put in a skillet, crack an egg and pour into the bacon and cook. I flipped it over so the egg would be firm. Didn’t look like much but was very good. Gotta work on my technique. Just love bacon and eggs.

@Buddy I'm giving that a try tomorrow night. We have breakfast for dinner on Thursdays. We love bacon 🐷

@2020_DJT Me too but I don't get to eat as much as I want. My only health problem is high cholesterol, high lipids, high triglycerides, HDL & LDL are wack. I take 2 drugs & numbers are all still high. I savor it when I do have any. @Buddy

@DonnaLea @2020_DJT @Buddy I know I'll be attacked for this, but a plant based diet could help your cholesterol. It's working for me! It's a hard transition but worth it. Not only helping the cholesterol but blood pressure as well.
I'm not a fanatic, it's not my religion. Its for health. Now if I can just get motivated to get to the gym regularly!😉


@stephanieanne @DonnaLea @Buddy

You need to do what's best for you. No one can tell you otherwise. As long as no one is hurt by your actions, then it's not your problem. This IS still America. You have a choice!😃

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