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True. While I would love to write each and everyone a personal letter, it is vitually impossible to do so.

I will try to collect your emails and send you a big collective thank-you.

In the meantime, please know that I am grateful to all who help shoulder the burden and make this place possible.

L.A. Times: Adam Schiff’s Gay Lover Makes Claims Of Abuse
February 11, 2018 by Lakim Nesnah

(Sorry if this has already been posted in the past here.)


I just left a message with Congressman McClintock from my hometown since mine here in the Bay Area is a moron. I told him that it is time to trim the treasonous elements in the IC. We voted for Trump not the swamp creatures in the IC.

Sometimes with all the insanity going on around the world and especially in Congress it's good to get a good laugh.

I am going to leave a message now to Lindsey Graham about the concerns of the overreach of the IC agencies. If you have time, please let him know that it's time to investigate the Brennan Cabal.

Fred Fleitz
I will be discussing the IC whistleblower complaint controversy and today's
hearing with
tonight in the 8 PM hour. I hope you can watch!


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Liz "Pocahontas" Warren for her efforts.

She is single-handedly destroying a century-old cozy relationship between the Democrat Party and Wall Street banks.

This is no small achievement.

We should all be grateful.

Stephen Green:
What a crushing feeling it must be to be a Democrat, an infotainment industry newsreader, or a NeverTrumper today. The week started off so full of hope, with impeachment in the air as the autumn colors turned. That was Monday. By Thursday morning it was all over but the shouting.


-200 air/missile defense troops heading to Saudi Arabia following attacks on Aramco oil fields: Pentagon
-Pentagon preparing two Patriot batteries & a THAAD system en route to Saudi Arabia in case they are deemed necessary

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The tall guy was ready to draw his weapon.

Good to see that security doesn't give a crap about the "optics."

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Watch how Trump's security reacts to the guy with the cell phone.

Left side of screen at the beginning.


Found out my sister in law is 11 weeks pregnant today. I'm gonna be an uncle!

You haven’t heard from me in a while. Just want all of you to know I’ve been keeping an eye on things here while working 100+ hours/week. Things are finally looking up in my life. EMS workers see daily the damage Democrats have done to this country. We are among the most abused, overworked, victims of Democrat policies. I’m going to start using my voice to call attention wherever I see examples of said abuse. I hate what I see day in and day out.

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I first found Sir Wictor on blue twit when I followed a link analyzing protesters' every move. Checked out his website only to find he stopped it that very night. So read Thomas' threads and learned a lot of things that gave me hope for our futures on this planet. Found Rex, Stealth Jeff, Duane, and Fudge there. Watched live one night when Thomas and Sir Saul initiated their first long dialogue.

Been a hoot!

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