Charlie Daniels
Rainbow surrounding the Sellars Funeral Home in Mt. Juliet during Charlie's public memorial service. Thank you to all who attended. RainbowFlag of United States- TeamCDB/BW
Photo by Paige Dixon


Thanks, Kathy. I don't know if I'd call it 'talent'; it's more like an obsession. What you *don't* see in the video is a large crate behind me along the back wall that contains 8 more autoharps! 😜

CNN’s House Bigot @DonLemon Says We Can ‘Fix’ Mount Rushmore By Adding Obama’s Face - I say we can "fix" CNN by cutting our cable. (Obama can go fck himself.)

OK i got a new computer about 2 weeks ago and have been busy setting everything up on and I just realized I hadn't logged in here yet lol. I'm back in!

Trump ATTY SEKULOW: We are pleased with todays Supreme Cout Decisions


I thought it was the BLM version of Santa Claus they want mandated by Blue State governators starting in 2020.

They need to cancel Black Lives Matter. It's nothing more than Karl Marx in blackface.


Looks like a 74 Roadrunner. Plenty of muscle there. 440 cubic inch six pack with a posi rear, dual exhaust and a slapstick transmission. It comes in at just under 400 horsepower. Actually impressive at the time coming straight from the factory.

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You're welcome. I feel like it was a privilege. I can tell you I learned a lot of respect for law enforcement working with them. I had to carry the bodies out - but they had to get them in the bags first. Yuk.

After about 9 years the amount of tourist just got too much, and people stopped being grateful. The final straw was a gal twisted the fan knob off in my jeep and bitched about my jeep top all the way to town.

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It was a great experience for about 9 years - then I burned out. That rescue was one of my first. Right off the bat they crossed a frozen creek -I followed their tracks, and fell through the ice up to my knees in really cold water. I walked that canyon after that - my pant legs froze hard, it was like I have PVC pipe for pants. Klunk klunk with every step. I never got cold though - stayed moving. I was tougher 30 years ago.

I have family in Syracuse. My uncle used to own a bar in Lakeland, right up the street from the fairgrounds called "Crazy Harold's Longhorn". The food as a whole, was very good, and he made an awesome roast beef sandwich, which happened to be my favorite. I had some very good times there..

Thanks for stirring the memory.
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POTUS U is giving these folks a chance to go with Mexico, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, and India instead of China. They had best take the opportunity.

Locally, the people around me are fed up with China and want to buy firstly from the US and then other countries.

The people in my generation despise communism. We will not trust China in our generation. Having said that, I worked with doctors from China when I lived in St Louis. Great folks. Their govt is shit.

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