As Trump said, the best is yet to come.

In every way, shape, and form.


There's no way in hell that Trump would run only on his record.

He used every single ruthless trick he learned in the cutthroat business of commercial real estate.

The Democrats were sitting ducks. Their nominee will be a guy who can win 18 percent of the country NOW.

And Trump hasn't destroyed him yet.

Again, this is amazing stuff. I'm so glad I got to see it happen. It's all my dreams come true.

We’re Finally Seeing the Full Depth of Pelosi’s Flight Abuse.Judicial Watch, the group that obtained these documents through Freedom of Information Act requests, reveals that the average cost for Pelosi to fly back to her district is over $28,000 per flight. To put that in perspective, a single economy seat from Washington, D.C. to Pelosi’s home of San Francisco cost roughly $250. Liquor store receipt showing some of the expenses.

Former Ill. Gov. Blagojevich says President Trump has his ‘deepest, most profound, and everlasting gratitude’

“He didn’t have to do this. He’s a Republican president; I was a Democratic governor. My fellow Democrats have not been very kind to him. They’ve, in fact, they’ve been very unkind to him. What he did was, I think, something that deserves a great amount of appreciation on my part personally. He has from me my deepest, most profound and everlasting gratitude.”

@carolinacally I was a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr fan. I haven't watched since he retired.

I do know a LOT left for several reasons. Brian France's continuing rule changes mainly. Like the point system.

The other is that it did lose a lot of its stars over the past few years. Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Dale Jr, and now Jimmie Johnson.

I'm sure the same happened when all the greats of previous years retired.

They still know how to show their patriotism though!

As painful as it is to be patient through basically the entire first term, the strategy is brilliant. By taking an unjust beating he has exposed who the Dems REALLY are. He's bolstering the strength of the Constitution to future Dem proof...and showed how easy it is to undue legacy built by narcissistic totalitarianism. This bolsters his claim that we will never be a Socialist nation, grounding actions overturning the previous banana republic bullshit in constitutional rule of law.

I remember @ThomasWic clarifying several months back that there were a couple of reasons for the slow pace of justice and the long march enduring exhausting levels of Libtardism. The first was strategic timing to inflict maximum damage at the ballot box in 2020. The second was to make sure every challenge would be remediated Constitutionally to ensure that this level of lawlessness evident in the despotic fiat rule if the leftist is neutered by judicial and legislative Constitutional precedent

11. Trump's attack IS coming. What we are seeing now, in my opinion, is part of the build-up.

Trump is a master of strategic planning, as well as deception. And something else.


So feel free to join the panic merchants, if you want.

I won't be joining you.

In fact, I'm tuning out the noise and fury.

Instead, I will be enjoying the show and admiring a strategic genius in action.

Care to join me?


The end.

8. The complete evidence against the Rosenbergs emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The evidence that Trump already has will also emerge, but much sooner. Everyone will know the full truth about what Obama & Clinton did.

Obama, in particular, won't be able to appear in public.

And like the Rosenbergs, the fate of those in Trump's crosshairs will be remembered in decades to come, as 100% justified.

And POTUS Trump remembered, as the man who saved The Republic.

The end.

@ThomasWic Leftist are children. They're literally unable to think in mature terms. Don't like my movie? It must be you and not me. It's childish.

And you know what made movies scary? Horrifying? Intense? Not what you saw, but what you didn't see.

Your mind is capable of going to the most horrifying place without being bombarded with images that are revolting.

That's what made the likes of Alfred Hitchcock so good.


On that Roger Stone juror -

Of the utmost importance will be her responses to these juror questions on:

(1) Social media and the Mueller investigation

(2) Running for office

If she answered in the negative... things will get interesting.


OK this one is really great, too. 😎

Led Zeppelin- Dazed and Confused

@HunDriverWidow @RAD @rarity @Debradelai

Gallup reports that 74 percent of Americans say their lives are good.

Highest percentage EVER RECORDED.


Most expect their lives to improve.


Leftists no longer know that actions have consequences.

3. Since 2015, I've been told 24/7 that Trump's an idiot.

Yet all I've seen is a guy who beat the entire GOPe establishment, the Clinton crime syndicate, Obama and his police state goons, the leftist FakeNews propaganda, plus the rest of the Swamp.

It's i like he was 100 steps ahead, every time.

And still is.

SO either DJT is a very lucky idiot, or maybe...

Or maybe DJT is not an idiot.

Maybe he's a bit of a genius. And an alpha predator.

With a VERY ruthless streak.

@Cdubois @JM @PubMaster

Gov. Ron DeSantis has already fired the first shot. He signed into law a week or two ago outlawing Common Core and directing the curriculum to focus back to the three R's.

Next Tuesday the Florida Senate will bring to the floor a Bill to make all Florida Employers a mandate for E-Verify.

With his 70+% approval, we are becoming the incubator for the move back to citizen rule.

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