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Fourth - and let's assume that Barr said those words - you have absolutely no idea in what context Barr may have made then. Let's say ODNI delivers a killer blow report in a few days, proving massive fraud. If Barr already knows that is coming, it makes him look fair to be on the record being fair.

I have zero trust in AP or any FakeNews outlet. May I suggest that you don't fall for their gaslighting and lies.

You're welcome.

I never took the anti-Trump impeachment scandals seriously. I knew the accusers were full of crap and lying. I knew that I want to see them in prison or at a firing squad for treason, and nothing else will pique my interest with respect to them. (I posted as much today again.) Anything else is just a waste of my time. When I revealed that on SQV, a lot of SQVers disdained me greatly and several blocked me.

I'm sorry that I do not take crap seriously. I take serious stuff seriously.


I'm hearing the number of dud Biden ballots is now well in excess of 100,000 votes and that WI will be the first State to fall.

Can anyone confirm?

Check the stats. U.S. deaths this year are pretty much in line with years past. But deaths from pneumonia, heart disease and the flu are down. So what do you think is going on? Yup. Deaths previously attributed to other causes are now blamed on Covid. Why? Because $$$$$$$


Yep! And I’ve been tooting this picture to prove it.

You ever seen fear and regret? If not, this is what it looks like👇


Joe Biden is currently negotiating for a get out of jail card for him and his family.

So are the others.

The window to carry off this crime has closed.

All this FakeNews hot air is just propaganda. Extremely poor propaganda as well.

All these crooks are screwed.

They either cut a deal and disappear.

Or Trump exposes them.

That's what I think.


He looks pathetic. Just look into his empty eyes. His face is full of fear. He’s not the cocky little bastard he’s been for the past 47 years. It takes every bit of courage he has just to mutter a few words. An empty shell.

@Liberty22 @REX


Aside from whatever sources he may have, Thomas Wictor has never been brainwashed.
He researches everything and spends time THINKING.

Un-brainwashed thinking seems to have become like a Lost Art.

11. Again.

The vast majority of the population are with Trump.

A minority are with Biden.


It's also what Biden and the crooks are most frightened of.

One of Trump's many achievements - perhaps his finest - has been to liberate a silent and subdued majority, from the hold of a very small and corrupted minority of elites.

And as each day passed, more and more people wake up. And the power of the enemy weakens.


Everyone seen this?

The Pretend President made a Thanksgiving speech today.

49k views on YouTube. That's all he got.

And that's with YT cheating and adding upvotes BTW. Just a few hours ago, it was just 1k!

But even if 49k views is real, it is truly pathetic for a guy who we're supposed to believe is the most popular presidential candidate in US history, with more than 80 million votes.

The LIE is obvious.

It is SAD.

7. Trump has amassed a mighty arsenal of truth MOABs that will detonate around the crooks, exposing them all.


That's what happens when you take on Apex Predator warriors such as Trump & General Flynn.

And how awesome will it be when President Trump announces General Flynn as a key member of his second term administration?

Obama & Biden are TERRIFIED of Gen Flynn. They ALL are.

Today is their worst nightmare.

Now we watch as they fall.

The end.

6. Let them try their worst.

Trump has their measure, as do we.

The crooks need to accept something, though. Including the RINOs.

No amount of FakeNews hot air will help Biden and his crazed Dem base (which is way smaller than many think).

From today all the way to Trump's inauguration, FRESH HELL is going to rain down on them 24/7, from so many different directions that they won't be able to respond.

And let Trump play this out as he is doing.

His approach is perfect.

Each day builds pressure on the criminals. More of them are exposing their criminality each day.

Trump will have a timeline that he is working to. And at exactly the right time, he will pull the metaphorical pin and roll his grenades right into the enemy foxhole.

Then, BOOM.

Trump is the master at this. He has proved himself to is, time and time again.

Just watch & learn.

In tradition of Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, the Democrats want to indicate, try, and convict President Trump for opposing them & their cultural Marxist policies. It's time to "refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants"! It's far too late to do anything else.

Sidney Powell is revealing they've been stealing elections to stay in power long before 2020's election got here.

And it's how they FULLY intend to keep 'winning' elections in the future.

Trump's team **must** stop this NOW.

The future of this Republic depends on it.

Be in no doubt.

Trump knows EXACTLY what's gone on.

He has known for a LONG time.

Apex Predators have a 6th sense for these things.

All these criminals have been lured to their own killing ground, unaware that the trap was set YEARS ago.

They never saw that Red Tsunami coming, did they? That screwed their entire plan.

Hey, you know what else Apex Predators specialize in?

Destroying their enemies.


The end.

10) Sadly, many Republicans are just as dirty...their palms are greased by the other half of the degenerate population of elite oligarchs. All perversions are recruited under their big top. Many uninformed voters have blindly supported "the other” because they misunderstand both Trump and the Dems. As I tooted the other day...Corruption is the currency of the Democrat/Marxist. Always has been, always will be.

12. You can be sure of one thing, however.

Trump is a strategic genius. If there is anyone who knows how to go about breaking the will of enemies, it is him.

Don't panic. Don't get caught up in the weeds and the noise.


Take heart and keep a cool head.

These are amazing days.

Trump means to WIN. Has he lost yet?

Watch, learn etc.

The end.

Eric Weinstein (@EricRWeinstein) Tweeted:
Build. Back. Better.

I know it’s odd, but when I hear a bunch of powerful people spread out all over the world suddenly use the same totally improbable lame invariant phrase, my hand involuntarily clamps down over my wallet. Almost like they need to chant before taking my stuff.

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