"Trump was right."
Wait, do I hear an echo?
He's right every . Single . Time .

Intelligence Division

Synchronized communications of international terrorist incidents with New York City Police investigators Overseas Liaison Units. Coordinated crisis management programs through the Fusion Center with the New York City Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies, FEMA, U.S. Military, and Office of Emergency Management (New York City).



I find this speculation about the Sec of Def. positing about using the military to back up US diplomatic efforts abroad as something close to your theory on military devolution.


@BocaChicaGal: "I have received an Alert notice for tomorrow and a road closure has been scheduled. I am so ready to watch Starship SN15 fly. May the 4th be with you! 🔥 🚀 🔥 @NASASpaceflight [images]"


Same here; I've been watching OAN almost exclusively since it was added to U-verse several years ago.

Fully aware of how the BBC is funded and their purposeful information slaughterhouse - note that I'm talking about the "revolving door" of staff who determine programming, narrative, etc. who jump from network to network every so often. Dozens of top-tier media executives and editors/producers have rotated between outlets since the 80's.

Take your primitive games somewhere else.

Or stop playing them.

Try to not be a flop, okay?


Calling out people for their lies, arrogance, and destruction isnot "hate."

And I never said that my family has no influence on my life.

Building straw men is what totally dishonest people do.

Lookee here!


"I'm new here, Thomas Wictor has caught me in his web. TW, in my opinion is on the right track regarding T45 and the Biden administration sham."


For @lizzimay

You're not a very good faker.

You wrote:

"Enough with the hate TW, I thought your family had no influence on your life?"


And then you pounce!


Except you didn't.

I don't hate anyone in my family. I'm indifferent to them.

And only an idiot claims that his or her family has no influence on them.

You're reading from a script. In other words, you're perfectly illustrating my point:

Americans latch on to arbitrary viewpoints and stick with them regardless of facts.

I suggest you not engage me. This isn't Twitter. We're a lot smarter here.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

I"m somewhat familiar with Disclose.TV. They've been solid in the past so not discounting this right away.


Dan Scavino posted this on Facebook. Now it’s MSM calling out the BS. NONE OF THIS MATTERS. If these kind of articles are being posted by the ones initially responsible for the fear mongering, then people need to WAKE UP!


During this pause, everyone please forgive this blatant self-promotional advertisement and go read my latest column at UnCover DC.

It specifically addresses the Leftist gender insanity that Thomas is discussing in his in-progress thread.



"They are quiet though."

Yes. Democrats are quiet. Those I know are hesitant to speak out against Biden/Harris, but they do complain about specific issues.

And it is only the third month. No leftist triumphalism at all


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