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Romney gets booed at the Utah GOP. Traitors are not welcomed in what we created with Trumps leadership.

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Biden is not going to pack anything.

This hype is bullshit peddled by bad actors and swallowed whole by morons.

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Everything in my gut tells me now that we're not just in the midst of an unconventional, non-force-against-force international war. We're also in the midst of an unconventional, non-force-against-force civil war. At the HIGHEST levels only.


And, even if true, it's not bothering me.

At all.

Because, again, we won. And patience is not a problem for me.

We'll see what happens.

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Justice Thomas finds social media companies DO NOT have First Amendment right to ban PROTECTED SPEECH and Section 230 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Let the games begin!

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Feel a little guilty. Not very Eastery. It just made me smile.

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Since I'm already as committed as anyone can be, I won't bother looking at too much shit designed to make us wax incensed, huff and puff, and feel righteously indignant.

It'll just piss me off, won't add anything constructive on my end.

Leave all that bullshit to the chihuahuas who like habitually feeling that way as their knee-jerk go-to mode of being.

Which bores the shit out of me.

I've got a wife to love, kids to color with, a textbook to write, and stuff to cook.

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Now that Covid has loosened its grip on the lives of our children, we are starting to experience the beginning of the ends. Things once ripped away now exist...almost whole...as they should be. As a marching band family, tonight was the first of many lasts....but this time the kids could experience it together. They laughed and cried together, and hugged each other where they hoped no one would see them. These kids (and parents) deserve the full experience of their accomplishments. It’s time.

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My one wish - prayer even - for every Trump/MAGA supporter, is that we all be endowed with unflappability.

Take everything in as INFORMATION - and move forward. POSITIVE AND UNDAUNTED.

RED HOT in deeply seated principles, ICE COLD in our resolve to see them manifested, living WARM, HAPPY, CONTENTED LIVES every step of the way.

Let the weak hot-headed lunatics on the left be divided and ruled by emotions that they CAN NOT AND WILL NOT control - because they think it serves them.

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Where is the outrage from Democrats?

“Never Before seen photo’s of Donna, TX immigration facility”

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Judge Releases Dominion Audit Report: System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’

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"Our incredible adventure is just beginning."

He said that after he "lost."

Does he have to spell it out?


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Noblesse oblige.

Even when I hate Biden's guts, I shall argue in his defense that he was chewing gum while he attempted the stairs feat.

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In incredible dissent, federal judge launches broadside attack on SCOTUS precedent protecting left-wing press

US Circuit Judge Laurence H. Silberman warns the current state of media is 'a threat to a viable democracy'


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