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Mini thread from Brian @drawandstrike with thread on Horowitz within it from TrumpSoldier

"Here's your chance to learn something from somebody who researched this guy."


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Another fine thread by the remarkable Steve McIntyre.
He's not always right, but very skilled at 'open source' research on linkages;

"Cernovitch wrote a critical article about Ciaramella in April 2017. Article was removed by Medium. Archive archive.is/JLK0t turns up in Bing search, but not in Google search."

I think Steve fingered the odd change dates on the WB reporting forms at IGIC, etc.
HOORAY For Delete and ReDraft!

@REX @Debradelai @Lonestar @EarlThePearls @retdoc
Wow, that Dawson Fields is at it again.
Incredibly bad practices of abuse of access to scooped/snooped data.



@REX @NevadaJack @EngOnDemand @IndiaMaria

I just had a realization,
that perhaps everyone else already realized but me.

The topic; why do the bad actors so often attack their detractors, by accusing them of a (more or less absurd) synthetic version of their own improprieties?

Answer; the (morally ~comparable) countercharge converts a clear cut infraction into a 'He said, She said' tossup,
where resolution of the facts requires more time/energy than most people have to expend.

@Debradelai @REX
My wife showed me videos like this one on her phone.
Lots of enthusiastic PDJT supporters, who joyfully
make a 'prima facie' case
that he is NOT racist.
From DavidHarrisJr.com



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Interesting 🤔

Stephen McIntyre

Here is something seriously strange. The Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form located earlier today at DNI is only two days old according to its pdf properties.


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Another Stunning discovery from Steve McIntyre, a.k.a. Mr ClimateAudit.org,
(the guy who broke the 'Hockey Stick Graph' in 2004)


'Here is something seriously strange. The Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form located earlier today at DNI is only two days old according to its pdf properties.'

Lovely details in that thread.
I highly recommend a look...

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DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes?

It appears President Trump was following the law to the letter when it comes to unearthing the long-standing corruption that has swirled in Ukraine and allegedly involves powerful Democrats like Joe Biden and others.


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This way the material that you wanted to present will always be viewable.

That is, unless, the archive page itself is taken offline....

@REX @Debradelai @hnijohnmiller

I've followed this guy Steve McIntyre since 2009. His 2004 analysis broke the 'Hockey Stick' temperature graph.
He's not always right (i.e. Tulsi, Isis), but does some Wictor-class research/analysis.
This one on Biden is stunning.


@ noticed something;
My home page shows TWic replying to EngOnDem about a beach, 5 m ago.
But my Pinned Twic column doesn't show it.
I can see all of his stuff on my phone if I just open social.quodverum.com/@ThomasWic/with_replies
(Not aware that I am logging in, but maybe my phone does it automatic?)
ANYWAY, how might I see all TWic With_Replies on the QV site? ( I have no history with Twatt, so that I don't know many things 'known to most'. )
Dully (Dull Lee) Yours,

@ThomasWic I'm trying to reply to your insight about Pot causing amoral behavior.
Wow, that really explains so many things I did that were inconsistent with my character.

I just turned 68 and hadn't figured out that phase of my life. At 16? wow.

@REX @ThomasWic @DuaneCates

His home webpage is
where motivated parties can contribute to his 501c3.
Hoping this is not a transgression to post it.

@REX @ThomasWic @DuaneCates
That Dr. Robert Epstein (internet research guy) has made his Clinton/Google twitstorm readily available, with working links.

He also corrects an overstatement of DJT regarding # of voters swayed by Google; From 2 to 10 million, not 16 million.

@ThomasWic Polyphonic Singers
Wow, that is amazing. !

My hero Richard Feynmann organized a trip to Tuva where they sing that way. I heard so much about it but never 'groked' it.
Was institutionalized in Pasadena 69-74, part of the target audience for his 'Cargo Cult Science' lecture, which they cleaned up some of his bawdy stuff. You are doing that thing he wanted all of us to do; never standly idly by while third parties are being misled by (scientific) 'authorities' .

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Satellite images from Planet Labs show the newly formed giant crack sprawling across the Earth about 11 miles outside of Ridgecrest, California. The fissure formed as a result of the second of two large earthquakes to rock the state in less than two days.

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